Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Iron Order?

     If you are male, 18 years of age, law abiding, have a cruiser style motorcycle more than 650cc not necessarily a Harley or American made, and a strong desire to do something good for your community while at the same time helping build a true international brotherhood of like-minded individuals.... then you MIGHT be IOMC material. However, you need to understand there is no easy road in the MC world. There are many clubs out there.

     If you are looking to join the MC world to wear a patch to be accepted by other clubs and attend their parties and events, then check them out and see if you are a fit and join them. If you want to feel safe and feel comfortable being told what you can wear, where you can go and who can be your brother because another organization or another club says that's the way it is because that is the "protocol" then do not come around us.

     Be sure to check out the MC life in all the other clubs before you come to us because we are not like many other clubs.

     There are many clubs who follow those rules and protocols that makes them feel safe and feel like they get respect from other clubs that also choose to give up their freedom and rights. Join one of those clubs, you will be much better off. Take no offense from what you read or hear about the IOMC's position on our rights if you belong to a club that follows those protocols because we accept and respect your decision and right to do so.

     We do not claim to be right for everyone and we definitely don't know all the answers because every time we turn around they change all the questions. We encourage all clubs and men to find what works best for them so please don't make the mistake of telling us to follow your path.

     Joining us means you are joining a unique and tight brotherhood not involved with other clubs, not willing to give up our freedom and rights and not allow anyone to tell us how to run our club. We follow our own rules and our own code which follow the true, historical origins of MC's and are outlined in the Constitution of the United States and other countries that accept our democratic values. You must have iron balls and be a man of honor and integrity to join us. You must be willing to stand up for yourself and your brothers against all adversity and be faithful to our brotherhood. Before you come to us make sure this is what you are really looking for because you will be tested internally as well as externally because there is a never ending supply of patch police and sheeple who cannot accept an independent, law abiding three-piece patch club.

     Freedom is not cheap nor is it the reward for the cowardly. We stand alone together as a united brotherhood with unquestioned loyalty to each other. This is not a social club or a Sunday riding club but then again our social events are world renowned for being off the charts. When a man patches in to the IOMC there are no strangers wearing our colors here, only brothers we have not yet met. This is a truly independent brotherhood and joining is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you are not a man willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of a brotherhood that is law abiding and independent, then we don't want you. Our path is the toughest path for any motorcycle club and we have great pride in staying the course no matter what.

     But if you do choose to try and join us and you make it, then you are joining the elite, the chosen, the dedicated, it might be the hardest thing you ever do. It will definitely be the hardest thing to stand up for but there is a good reason for that. The tests weed out the weak. This is an MC. It is not make believe.

Do I have to be a Probate or Prospect for the IOMC?

     Yes. We're all grown men. This isn't a schoolyard and we're no bullies. You will, however, earn our trust, respect, and the right to wear our patch. There is a hang around period when you will learn about us and we will learn about you. There is a Probate or Prospect period (the name changes depending on what part of the world you are from).  We need to be absolutely sure you weren't abducted by aliens and dropped off at the Flying J Truck Stop with those implants the Martians put in people's brains.  You will prove your desire to wear our cut and your commitment to our values and brotherhood.  When you do earn your cut, hang on and hit the throttle hard because it's a hell of a ride with a hell of a brotherhood.

What territories do you claim? 

     NONE and Never will we claim territories.We wear a rocker to tell others where we are from nothing more. 

Why don't you guys honor "no fly zones"

     You must have us confused with some other organization.  We ride motorcycles.  We don't fly airplanes.

Is the Iron Order a Law Enforcement Motorcycle club?

     NO, however we do have officers of the law spread throughout our club. We do not run as an LEMC. We run like an MC from the 50's and early 60's when motorcycle clubs were clubs.  BTW, since when are law enforcement the bad guys?  Only criminals believe law enforcement to be the bad guys so if you want to socialize with criminals or if you are a criminal don't come around us.  That's pretty simple.

Do you allow drugs like marijuana?  

     No and Hell NO!  No illegal drugs whatsoever!!  In fact no illegal anything!!!


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